ITSS Information Technology Service Standard Qualification

The Information Technology Service Standard (hereinafter referred to as ITSS) is issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and other industry organizations such as the Information Technology Service Branch of the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technical Association (hereinafter referred to as the ITSS Branch). Comprehensively standardize information technology service products and their components, and guide a series of standards for implementing standardized and trustworthy information technology services, including consulting design, integration implementation, operation and maintenance, service management, service operations and service outsourcing (hereinafter referred to as the field) ), covering the entire life cycle of planning, design, deployment, service operation, continuous improvement and supervision of information technology services.

Organization unit: Information Technology Service Branch of China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association (ITSS Branch)

According to the document: Administrative Measures for the Evaluation of Information Technology Service Standards (ITSS) (Trial)

According to the standard: Information Technology Service Standard System (ITSS) 4.0

Application Conditions:

Application Process:

1. Signing a consulting contract;
2. On-site research and consultation, tool deployment, and task arrangement;
3. Consultation document review, customer self-assessment;
4. Application for conformity assessment;
5. On-site assessment by a third-party assessment agency;
6. Submit application materials to the ITSS branch;
7. Expert review organized by ITSS chapters;
8. Publicity through the ITSS chapter work website;
9. Obtain a certificate issued by the ITSS branch;


1. Failure to pass, full refund;
2. Signing a confidentiality agreement, the project information is kept confidential throughout the process;
3. High-quality global professional consulting team;
4. The on-site service time is not less than 100 hours;
5. 5 * 8 on-site, telephone, mail to solve problems in the consultation process;
6. Provide system integration and integration services for each system;

Common Problem:

1. Can we apply if we do not have an operation and maintenance tool?
Answer: No, in the planning and design stage, although most companies will formulate detailed process management content, they lack implementation, which leads to the disjointed or unsuccessful process, which makes process management useless. At this time, tools are needed to help the enterprises to be certified realize the process, help them to achieve process solidification and process replication, and initially establish a standardized service system that meets the requirements. Process Run Without the support of tools, everything will be restored to the original paper processing, inefficient, lack of integrity, resulting in statistical analysis and improvement. Naturally, the company also lacks the ability to self-improve and self-optimize.
2. Can our company only use the operation and maintenance team of more than a dozen people to apply?
Answer: The evaluation criteria of the ITSS conformity assessment for the organizational structure is that the operation and maintenance enterprise should establish an organizational structure that matches the operation and maintenance service. Therefore, there is no absolute standard answer to this problem. It is recommended that the enterprise reflect the operation and maintenance business in its organizational structure. Management function.
3. What is the application registration period for ITSS?
Answer: The period of the general ITSS project is about 6-10 months, depending on the maturity of the enterprise IT operation and maintenance service. Generally, the project is launched until the system is released for 3 months, and the trial run is 3 months. After the evaluation and evaluation, the relevant management units in the province recommend Beijing to reply.
4. Who do we need to cooperate with the ITSS application process?
Answer: In accordance with the requirements of the ITSS standard, relevant departments involved in personnel, processes, technology and resources are coordinated.

Customer Reviews:

√ Very good service experience, the consultant's serious and responsible training enabled us to understand the control points of the software development process and learned a lot.
√ Detailed and detailed assessment arrangements allow us to be systematically evaluated by the appraisers.
√ The consultant is very professional, helping us to sort out and optimize the company's system process, and put forward a lot of professional opinions on the selection and operation of the operation and maintenance tools, and finally help us to pass the assessment smoothly.
√ Very satisfied service, give reasonable answers to every question of the company, give good guidance and advice in the whole process of project implementation and evaluation, which is a very beneficial learning for our company.

After-sale Warranty:

1. Assist in the validity and reminder of certificate validity;
2. 5*8 online, telephone consultation service;
3. One free on-site consultation and counseling service once a year;
4. Industry information provided;
5. VIP customers regularly and professionally open free training.

The Reason for Choosing STR:

1. Rich experience in IT field
Based on the qualification consulting services provided in the IT field, the company has successfully applied for various qualification certificates in the IT field for nearly 200 customers. He has accumulated rich experience in customer needs, system establishment, implementation integration and guidance in the IT field.
2. Project 100% pass rate
3. Professional, quality consulting resources
The company has more than 30 systems and qualification consultants. The consultants are from the world's top 500 companies, professors and experts from all over the country, and have rich theoretical and practical experience. It can provide close consultation and counseling for enterprises in combination with standard requirements.
4. Customer data confidentiality system
The company implements an information security management system internally and strictly protects and archives customer data. Maximize the security, integrity and availability of your customers' finances, people and related management information
5. Full project monitoring and management
The company implements the quality management system and project management system internally, and supervises and manages the consulting work through the company's OA system to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery of consulting services.
6. Domestic and international authoritative partners support
Stern Consulting cooperates with international and domestic well-known certification and consulting companies to enter a large number of technical seminars every year to ensure that customers provide international advanced standards and management consulting services.
7. Technical seminars and industry information priority access
From time to time, we will hold new standards, IT industry trends, and excellent case discussions with IT-related industry associations, standards research institutes, and product manufacturers to ensure that customers receive priority access to market information and technical information in the same industry.

Success case: