Introduction to ISO20000

ISO 20000 is an organization-oriented IT service management standard designed to provide a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving an IT Service Management System (ITSM). The establishment of IT Service Management System (ITSM) has become an indispensable mechanism for management and operation risks of various organizations, especially financial institutions, telecommunications, and high-tech industries. ISO 20000 gives IT managers a reference framework for managing IT services, and a well-established level of IT management can be demonstrated through certification.

The ISO20000 standard focuses on managing IT issues through "IT Service Standardization", categorizing IT issues, identifying the underlying connections, and then planning, implementing, and monitoring based on service level agreements, and emphasizing communication with customers. The standard also focuses on the capabilities of the system, the level of management required for system changes, financial budgeting, software control and distribution.

13 Management Processes - Meeting the Requirements of All Parties::

ISO20000 certification benefits:

◆ By establishing an optimized and transparent management process and definition of rights and responsibilities, monitoring management processes, conducting performance evaluations; reducing management costs and risks of IT operations, and establishing a set of effective continuous improvement mechanisms and internal control mechanisms for each department;
◆ Improve the availability, reliability and security of IT services, continuously optimize service processes, improve service levels, improve business satisfaction, and provide high-quality services to business users;
◆ Improve the overall rate of return on organizational/enterprise IT investments and improve the overall competitiveness of the organization/enterprise;
◆ Clarify the combination of IT service management costs and organizational/enterprise business strategies and IT service strategic objectives, improve existing IT service structure and resource allocation, and make the use of various IT resources in line with the company's business strategy and IT strategic objectives;
◆ Integrate existing management systems and business processes, standardize service levels of service departments, standardize work processes, and reduce risks caused by personnel changes;
◆ Improve the overall operation of the department and the ability to communicate between departments, the professional quality of the relevant staff of the department, and improve the service ability and work efficiency of the employees;

The Reason for Choosing STR:

1. Rich experience in IT field
Based on the qualification consulting services provided in the IT field, the company has successfully applied for various qualification certificates in the IT field for nearly 200 customers. He has accumulated rich experience in customer needs, system establishment, implementation integration and guidance in the IT field.
2. Project 100% pass rate
3. Professional, quality consulting resources
The company has more than 30 systems and qualification consultants. The consultants are from the world's top 500 companies, professors and experts from all over the country, and have rich theoretical and practical experience. It can provide close consultation and counseling for enterprises in combination with standard requirements.
4. Customer data confidentiality system
The company implements an information security management system internally and strictly protects and archives customer data. Maximize the security, integrity and availability of your customers' finances, people and related management information
5. Full project monitoring and management
The company implements the quality management system and project management system internally, and supervises and manages the consulting work through the company's OA system to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery of consulting services.
6. Domestic and international authoritative partners support
Stern Consulting cooperates with international and domestic well-known certification and consulting companies to enter a large number of technical seminars every year to ensure that customers provide international advanced standards and management consulting services.
7. Technical seminars and industry information priority access
From time to time, we will hold new standards, IT industry trends, and excellent case discussions with IT-related industry associations, standards research institutes, and product manufacturers to ensure that customers receive priority access to market information and technical information in the same industry.

Success case: