Information Security Service Qualification Introduction

Information security service qualification is an qualification for information security service providers to provide security services, including legal status, resource status, management level, and technical capabilities. The information security service qualification certification is based on national laws and regulations, national standards, industry standards and technical specifications, in accordance with the basic certification standards and certification rules, to provide information security service organizations to assess the information security service qualifications.

Safety Operation and maintenance service qualification

Through technical facility safety assessment, technical facility security reinforcement, security vulnerability patch notification, security incident response, and information security operation and maintenance consultation, the organization's information system management personnel can assist the information system to operate and maintain the information system to discover and repair the information system. There are potential safety hazards, which reduce the possibility of illegal use of safety hazards and respond to them in time after the safety hazards are utilized. The safety operation and maintenance qualification certification is to evaluate the basic qualifications, management capabilities, technical capabilities and safety operation and maintenance process capabilities of the safety operation and maintenance service providers.

Safety Integrated Service Qualification

Information system security integration service refers to activities that define the security requirements, security design, construction implementation, and security assurance of computer application system engineering and network system engineering. Information system security integration includes activities that consider information security assurance factors in the structural design of new information systems, so that the information systems after completion can meet the security needs of the builders or users. It also includes the addition of information security subsystems or information security devices based on existing information systems, often referred to as security optimization or security hardening. The information system security integration service qualification level is a measure of service provider service capabilities.

Software Security Development Service Qualification

By controlling the software development process, the risks of the developed software are controlled to an acceptable level. Software security development qualification certification is to evaluate the basic qualifications, management capabilities, technical capabilities and software security process capabilities of software developers.

Disaster Backup and Recovery Service Qualification

Information System Disaster Backup and Recovery Service is the backup of information system data, data processing systems, network systems, infrastructure, professional technical support capabilities and operational management capabilities, and the failure of information systems from disasters in the event of a disaster or Designed and provided activities that are restored to a functioning state, restoring the business functions they support from an abnormal state caused by a disaster to an acceptable state. The information system disaster backup and recovery service qualification level is a measure of the service provider's service capabilities.

Emergency treatment service qualification

The information security emergency response service is to make the security events affecting the security of the network and the information system respond promptly by formulating the contingency plan, and identify, record, classify and process the security incident once it occurs, until the affected service resumes normal operation. process. Emergency response services are one of the most important means of ensuring business continuity. They cover a range of activities to maintain and restore critical business after a security incident. Information security emergency response service qualification certification is to evaluate the basic qualifications, management capabilities, technical capabilities and emergency response service process capabilities of emergency response service providers.

Risk assessment service qualification

Information security risk assessment is the basic work and important link of information security guarantee, which runs through the whole process of network and information system construction and operation. By providing risk assessment services to information systems, service providers systematically analyze the threats and vulnerabilities of networks and information systems, assess the degree of harm that may occur when security incidents occur, and propose targeted protection against threats. Countermeasures and security rectification measures to prevent and eliminate information security risks, or to control risks to an acceptable level, to provide a scientific basis for network and information security. The information security risk assessment service qualification level is a measure of the service provider's service capabilities.

Qualification level:

The qualification levels are divided into first, second and third levels, with a total of three levels, with the highest level and the lowest level.

Qualification advantage:

◆ Standardize the security development process and improve management and technical capabilities
◆ Improve information security awareness and promote industrial progress and maturity
◆ Improve the quality of delivered products and promote customer satisfaction
◆ Enhance corporate brand image and gain a certain market position
◆ Increase market competitive advantage and strive for extra points for successful winning bids
◆ Information Security Service Qualification Requirements

Information Security Service Qualification Service Process:

The reason for choosing STR:

1. Rich experience in IT field
Based on the qualification consulting services provided in the IT field, the company has successfully applied for various qualification certificates in the IT field for nearly 200 customers. He has accumulated rich experience in customer needs, system establishment, implementation integration and guidance in the IT field.
2. Project 100% pass rate
3. Professional, quality consulting resources
The company has more than 30 systems and qualification consultants. The consultants are from the world's top 500 companies, professors and experts from all over the country, and have rich theoretical and practical experience. It can provide close consultation and counseling for enterprises in combination with standard requirements.
4. Customer data confidentiality system
The company implements an information security management system internally and strictly protects and archives customer data. Maximize the security, integrity and availability of your customers' finances, people and related management information
5. Full project monitoring and management
The company implements the quality management system and project management system internally, and supervises and manages the consulting work through the company's OA system to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery of consulting services.
6. Domestic and international authoritative partners support
Stern Consulting cooperates with international and domestic well-known certification and consulting companies to enter a large number of technical seminars every year to ensure that customers provide international advanced standards and management consulting services.
7. Technical seminars and industry information priority access
From time to time, we will hold new standards, IT industry trends, and excellent case discussions with IT-related industry associations, standards research institutes, and product manufacturers to ensure that customers receive priority access to market information and technical information in the same industry.

Success case: